Semi-Permanent Make Up

At Beauty Precision we offer a range of semi-permanent make up treatments to suit all needs and desired styles. All treatments follow an in-depth process from planning to the final outcome to ensure only the best results are achieved.

The Consultation Process

The first part of the treatment process consists of a consultation. This is an essential part of the treatment where your technician will listen to what outcome you are aiming to achieve and recommend the most suitable treatment methods to fulfil your desired look. The consultation process is also an opportunity for the technician to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. This can be determined by medical history, skin type or lifestyle. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions and to gain an understanding of the full process before committing to the treatment.  A patch test will also be performed at consultation. *This process can be done remotely if necessary.

The Treatment

On the day of your treatment your technician will ensure everything was ok with your recent patch test and no signs of a reaction occurred. The numbing agent will then be applied (if required).

Once numb the mapping of the area would be completed stage.  (A mapping process is required for most forms of semi-permanent make up.) Your technician will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the proposed design/shape before beginning treatment.

A discussion regarding colour/tone will also take place at this stage. We advise bringing any make up you may wish to simulate, for example, brow pencil, lipstick etc. This will give the technician a clearer understanding of your desired result.

Once both yourself and the technician are happy with all aspects of the planning stages the tattooing process will begin. You will be kept comfortable throughout with secondary numbing agent (if necessary.) Once the treatment is completed, the technician will clearly explain the advised aftercare to ensure you understand how to effectively look after the newly tattooed area. You will also be guided on what to expect throughout the healing process. You will then be given any necessary aftercare guidance and solutions to take away with you.

Follow Up Appointment

Most treatments require a follow up appointment around the 4 – 6 week mark (Top Up). This is usually a shorter appointment whereby the technician will retouch any areas which may have faded during the healing process, or make any changes required such as colour and shape.  If you require interim colour boost treatments following your full treatment these can be booked at a reduced cost price within 18 months of your last appointment.
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